Cari Jenkins

Cari Jenkins is the executive director of Urban Skye, an organization envisioning cities where every person has a pastor and every tribe a priest. Meeting groups and individuals in everyday spaces, Urban Skye associates offer presence, spiritual direction, and spacious places as people navigate life. She is the author of Listen and Live, and is a freelance writer, speaker, occasional blogger, and lover of the table. She gathers over five hundred people around her own table each year. Cari lives in Englewood, Colorado, and can be found at, where she occasionally blogs about living life with authenticity, generosity, and love.

A Letter to Love


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A Letter to Love

Dear Love, Have you noticed how easily people seem to claim my work for yours lately? To be blunt, I am as offended as I am proud. You may be the star of today’s vernacular, but you’ve become nearly obsolete in practice. And me? Well, I have become a master of...