Deborah Gall

Creating art that invites the viewer to ponder and explore is Deborah Gall’s primary goal. A passion for excellence, beauty, and things spiritual is reflected in paintings that also reflect her love of texture and color, light, and mystery. Cohesive in its brilliant hues and high-relief texture, the body of work is diverse in its images and palettes. Described as bold in colour, yet peaceful in emotion, the work embodies the power of divine love as it interprets the vision within Deborah’s spirit.

My creative passage to seek “What if” without reliance on rule and boundary offers, at the end of a good day, work that is unusual, exciting, and relevant.

Throughout her artistic career Deborah has participated in numerous local, regional, and national shows and exhibits. With over 25 years of experience as artist, businesswoman, speaker, and author, Deborah delights to share her work and passion with audiences wherever the path leads. Her work hangs in private and public spaces across the US and internationally.

Still Waters


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Still Waters

Acrylic on Canvas 18" x 36"This piece is a manifestation of life's "do overs". After priming over a painting I was unhappy with, I discovered a new process that has become the foundation of a new collection of work. The random texture from the previous painting caused...

Beyond the Veil

30x40 Acrylic on canvasThe following is condensed from Deborah's book Heartbeat of God: "It takes spiritual eyes to see beyond the veil, above the wall, and over the mountain that we face in our lives and in our world. God is sovereign and He promises to never leave...