Deborah Risa Mrantz

Deborah Risa Mrantz is an incoming MDIV seminarian at Pacific School of Religion; she is also creative principal of LOGOSdivinity llc, a contemporary liturgical arts and design company fusing art and faith in a new conceptual paradigm revealing God’s word in Scripture.

Deborah’s work has developed over thirty years from beginnings in music and fine art apprenticeships at Congregationalist Punahou School, continuing through Jewish ecclesiastical work in sculpture and liturgical arts, maturing and culminating in work held within the lexicon of language—publishing, printing, and multi-sensory digital design. From linotype slugs to digital type-cuts, her pastoral and artistic callings come to fruition in design and art, iconography, semiotics, language and typography as they coalesce in LOGOSdivinity.

Deborah’s journey into seminary has re-formed long-held arts vocations within a life of God’s Word and pastoral ministry. Through LOGOSdivinity she fashions liturgical artwork for individual and community religious spaces, monasteries and faith-based retreat-centers, churches and synagogues. Creating through God’s holy word in Scripture, her work speaks into devotional life held within the heart, forged of both sacred and secular and manifest in missional, intentional living in Christ. Grace and Holy Spirit inform LOGOSdivinity artworks engendering Deborah’s spiritual substance; intertestamental synthesis of Abrahamic traditions melding Judaism’s culture, faith and ethnicity with Christianity’s resplendent devotional and contemplative life. A passionate artistic faith made in God’s image, fully realized as divine reflection in theological richness of the New Covenant in Jesus Christ.

Like Living Stones (diptych)

Modular Diptych: "LIKE LIVING STONES", digital laminate to black aluminum, 30" x 21" "AS A PILLAR", digital laminate to black aluminum, 30" x 21Stone; religious construction's first material—used to build Abraham's altar of living stones as the spiritual house of God....