Jamison Galt

Jamison Galt is the founding pastor of Christ Church Clinton Hill in Brooklyn, NY. He lives in and loves the neighborhood together with his wife, four children, and parishioners.

Church Practices and Public Life: A Global Feast

First in Comment's "church practices and public life" series. The biblical story of food can be summarized in its chief emblem. The history of the world from creation to consummation is enacted in the process of making bread.


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Living Faithfully in the Global Hypercity

The Christian, whatever her context—rural, suburban, small town, and so on—should embrace the ascent of cities. These grandiose claims for the self-importance of cities and their residents are precisely what those who live elsewhere instinctively rebuff. But consider the stakes involved: Pragmatically, as the cities go, so goes the rest of culture, for good or for ill—what happens there will soon become everyone’s problem or opportunity.