Janet Epp Buckingham

Janet Epp Buckingham is a professor at Trinity Western University and the Director of the Laurentian Leadership Centre.

Why Not Rather Be Wronged?

Loving our enemies could have surprising results.


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Extraordinary Leadership

While liberation and democracy movements require many willing to put themselves, their lives, and their families on the line, those who are the face and voice of these movements—Nelson Mandela, Aung San Suu Kyi—face perhaps the greatest test of leadership.

Canada at 150

As Canada approaches its 150th anniversary in 2017, how are its Christians planning their own celebrations in a society that privatizes religion more than ever?

When to speak up

Increasingly, orthodox Christian beliefs are outside the mainstream . . . we should not be surprised if a time comes that our religious practices are questioned. Will there be anyone left to speak up for us?

Bearing witness in a stereotyping world

Gary Goodyear, one of Stephen Harper’s federal cabinet ministers, has been burned badly by “gotcha” journalism on a question of evolution.
But the real question, lying just below the surface, is this: Is there a proper place to articulate religious beliefs? Can believers find public spaces where their beliefs are respected, not targeted?

Good news? A “Comment” symposium

Are things truly getting better?Peter Wehner and Yuval Levin in their December 2007 Commentary article "Crime, Drugs, and Welfare—and Other Good News" suggest that government efforts to shape American culture has brought about a significant improvement in several...