Kate Bowler

Kate Bowler is a three-time New York Times–bestselling author, award-winning podcast host, and associate professor of American religious history at Duke University. She is the author of Blessed: A History of the American Prosperity Gospel and The Preacher’s Wife: The Precarious Power of Evangelical Women Celebrities. After being unexpectedly diagnosed with Stage IV cancer at age thirty-five, she penned the New York Times–bestselling memoir Everything Happens for a Reason (and Other Lies I’ve Loved), No Cure For Being Human (and Other Truths I Need to Hear), and her latest written with her co-producer, Jessica Richie, Good Enough: 40ish Devotionals for a Life of Imperfection. Kate hosts the Everything Happens podcast where she talks with people about what they’ve learned in difficult times. She lives in Durham, North Carolina, with her family.

The Roof Always Caves In

Why there is nothing wrong with being doomed.


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