Katherine Leary

Katherine Leary is the Director of the Center for Faith and Work. Ms. Leary came to Redeemer in 2002 to establish the Center for Faith and Work and to develop effective ministries to help people nurture a meaningful integration between people?s faith and their professional work. Prior to this ministry role at Redeemer, Katherine served 20 years in the high tech industry. In California, she served as CEO of Pensare, Inc. ? an online management education company, and CEO of One Touch Systems, Inc. ? a hardware/software products company. Before that, she was President of Private Satellite Network ? a satellite services company – in New York City. She also worked in various consulting, sales, and marketing roles, primarily in the technology sector.

She received an MBA from the Darden School, University of Virginia and a BA in Psychology and Education from Wittenberg University.

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