Katherine Willis Pershey

Katherine Willis Pershey is the Associate Minister of the First Congregational Church in Western Springs, Illinois, and the author of Any Day a Beautiful Change: A Story of Faith and Family (Chalice Press 2012). A graduate of Claremont School of Theology, Katherine previously served as the solo pastor of South Bay Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Redondo Beach, California. She was one of the founding editorial board members of Fidelia’s Sisters, a publication of The Young Clergy Women Project. In addition to writing a personal blog, she is a contributor to the Christian Century. She and her husband, Benjamin, have two daughters.

Church Practices and Public Life: The Word for the Small Congregation

The impact of famous preachers is but a drop in the proverbial bucket. It is the preaching of the countless unknown pastors that is quietly yet radically transformative.


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