Maria Liu Wong

Maria Liu Wong is an educator and researcher in adult learning, leadership, and theological education. She holds graduate degrees from Teachers College, Columbia University, and Westminster Theological Seminary. As the Dean of City Seminary of New York, she is involved with faculty development, program planning, and gallery exhibition coordination. Maria is also a Research Scholar with LearnLong Institute, a thinktank with a focus on innovation and continuous improvement in adult learning, higher education, and lifelong learning through research and practice. Her research interests include lifelong and transformative learning, mentoring, action research, women and leadership, diversity, arts, and urban theological education. Recent and upcoming publications include book chapters on collaborative mentoring, collaborative inquiry, and faith and learning cities, and articles on urban theological education. She is also co-author of the books, Stay in the City: How Christian Faith is Flourishing in an Urban World (Eerdmans) and forthcoming Sense the City.

The Church is Bigger Than We Can See

Narratives of a "secular" city are told by people looking in the wrong places.


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