Scott Aasman

Scott Aasman is an award winning illustrator, artist, and carpenter working out of Hamilton, Ontario, where he lives with his wife Michelle and their two children. Scott’s work attempts to intertwine biblical, cultural, and personal narrative, allowing viewers to re-engage with these familiar and “overseen” stories and find a new sense of wonder. His work has been seen in galleries, churches, and publications across North America.

The Unbundled Self of Saint Anthony (from Schongauer)


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The Unbundled Self of Saint Anthony (from Schongauer)

From the artist: “Unlike the traditional St. Anthony, the demons we wage our spiritual battles against are not the grotesque, medieval monsters but the familiar, commonplace false idols we make in the image of ourselves, our communities, and the cultural liturgies we...

Apathy//Epiphany (3/5)

Pen and Ink 2010This pen and ink drawing is the third in a series of five wrestling with the idea of epiphany.Like a pig in mud, a half naked boor slothfully swigs at a can of cheap beer as he is slowly covered. How does he react? How do we react to the gifts of grace...