Hannah Strauss

Hannah Strauss is a student who doesn’t want to call herself an artist until she’s gone to school for a few more years, however she does spend evenings painting and sketching and rearranging objects on the floor of the attic. She loves laughing, writing, folk songs, piano, families, music of all kinds, friends, good food, thought, the countryside, prayer, walks, old bikes, summer evenings, cities, reading, still life painters, Chagall, quiet spirits, imagination, children’s books, swing dancing, long and short conversations on art history, philosophy, creation, weather, books, immigration, nostalgia, psychology and abstract expressionism, among other things.

Like most people she spends her days in wonder, fear, striving, hope and time.



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I made a list of the images in my mind as I worked on this piece. Here are some; Shipping news, plates, feasts, people, violence, symphonies, fishing lines, fragility, love, voices, planets, time. I kept on looking at the space between each colored circle.