John Terpstra

John Terpstra’s most recent work of poetry is called Mischief (Gaspereau Press 2017). An earlier work, Brilliant Falls (Gaspereau Press 2013) was shortlisted for the League of Canadian Poets Raymond Souster Award. His latest non-fiction work is The House With the Parapet Wall (Gaspereau 2014). His previous non-fiction work, The Boys, or, Waiting for the Electrician’s Daughter (Gaspereau 2005), was short listed for both the RBC Taylor Prize and the BC Award for Canadian Non-fiction. He has won the CBC Radio Literary Prize for Poetry, the Bressani Prize, and several Arts Hamilton Book Awards for both poetry and non-fiction.

John lives in Hamilton, where he works as a writer and carpenter.

Art and Faith and Workmanship

It is when I return to work that I have done in the past, to the carpentry and woodworking and published poems and books, that I see the faith that breathes in and breathes out.


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