Abbie Smith

Abbie Smith is a graduate student at Talbot Seminary in Los Angeles. She grew-up in Atlanta and has traveled the world, including missionary work on five continents and playing collegiate tennis on the sixth. Apparently Antarctica still awaits her footprints.

Aside from authoring books and being a student, she enjoys friends, sushi and soaking-up the oceanic rays of Southern California. Her most well known book is Can You Keep Your Faith in College? (Multnomah, 2006), and she’s got a few others brewing that you’ll want to watch for. In the meantime, visit her blog, or drop her a line at

Q&A with Abbie Smith, “Graduate Student and Author, Can you Keep Your Faith in College?”

My faith was what you might call "stretched" in college. My questions were many, and I craved responses from peers in my stage of life. Sadly, however, "thinking" in the collegiate realm has been hard to find for awhile, so I decided to start the questioning process myself. And that sort-of accidentally spilled into a manuscript...


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