Ann Williams

Ann is a native and current resident of Nebraska, who has been immersed in the art world for as long as she can remember. From a young age, she enjoyed nature and was creative, which led her to follow this love through high school and college. She works out of her home studio / laundry room and, if not painting, can be found outside playing with her boys, taking photos, or serving in the arts ministry at her church.

Creation, God’s Word, and the way things sound and move are the inspiration for Ann’s work and the marks she chooses to make. Ann most often uses acrylic paint and charcoal to portray emotion and movement in each piece. Each work begins with a loose idea and a set of intuitively made marks. She then adds color and finishes the pieces with charcoal, spray paint, and other random paint splatters.

Ann says: “My hope is that my work will inspire and encourage visual art as a way of worship and will challenge people to discover what it is God has made them for. I believe that there is nothing like being in the exact place God designed for you to be. He is the igniter of passion and the accomplisher of impossibly enormous things. God is able and to Him be the glory.”

Ann’s art can be viewed by visiting her website at

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