Annie Ling

Born in Taipei, Annie Ling is a Canadian artist and documentary photographer, currently based out of New York City. Drawing from a life of constant flux, her work often explores the relationship between permanence and the ephemeral and addresses subject matters of a socio-environmental nature. An explorer at heart, her passion for picture making grows with every discovery of a people, place, or situation in need of a voice or in need of celebration.

Across The Street From Where I Lived

2009I made this picture across the street from my building in Chinatown, New York City, shortly after it burned down in a fatal fire last year. This particular scene resonated deeply with me during this time of rebuilding. Today, I continue to develop a personal body...

Choral Composition I

Choral Composition I was influenced by the work of the great abstract expressionist Wassily Kandinsky and his most intriguing and complex piece Composition VII. Kandinsky believes that artists are prophets of the modern age and that creating art is an "internal...