Bob Hamersma

Bob Hamersma has spent his active physical working life as a professional horticulturist, employed in a technical capacity at a horticultural research facility, and owning and operating, with his family, a seasonal garden center.  Since 2011, he has been a wheelchair-bound quadriplegic, active in a different way, adjusting to an entirely new style of living and testifying to God’s grace in his life when opportunities are given. 

His academic qualifications are limited to a college level horticultural diploma. He has long-since abandoned any attempt at finishing a BSc degree, having deemed it, at its halfway point, irrelevant to the advancement of his chosen career – one rooted in the growing of plants.

He is the happy father of three children, grateful grandfather of four, and lives with his wife and primary caregiver, Jayne, in Vineland Ontario.

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