Bonnie-lee Ross

Bonnie-Lee Ross is a fourth-year student, working towards her B.A. at Redeemer University College. Her studies include a double major in art and psychology. She has recently started courses working towards a B.Ed in the primary/junior division as well.

Bonnie-Lee has grown up with a love and passion for the arts and hopes to one day combine her passion for others with her love for art and teaching. She is currently working on a Senior Student Art Exhibition that will take place at Redeemer University College in the spring.

(Anti- ) Conformity


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(Anti- ) Conformity

Acrylic on Canvas 2009(Anti- ) Conformity is an attempt to address the challenges and sufferings we faces in our lives, seeking the strength of Christ in our moments of weakness. This painting is especially personal to me and my relationship with God as I struggle to...