Bruce Herman

Bruce Herman, 59, is a painter, and Professor of Art at Gordon College, near Boston, where he is currently Lothlórien Distinguished Chair in the Fine Arts. Herman’s artwork has been exhibited in over one hundred and fifty exhibitions in major cities in the United States (Boston, New York, Chicago, L.A.) and internationally (England, Italy, Israel, and Japan). His work is housed in many private and public collections including the Vatican Museums in Rome; Grunwald Center at Armand Hammer Collection; L.A. County Museum; Cincinnatti Museum of Art; and the deCordova Museum in Massachusetts.

Art: Mystique or Mystery?

With Christ's Incarnation, we can have it both ways.


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Debt to the Dead

I’ve never had the sense that I could claim a sort of exclusive authorship in my work as painter. We are all products of our time, of influences that shape our understandings and our creativity.

“Ut pictura poesis”?

There was a prolonged period recently when the words “traditional” and “craftsy” were the kiss of death for an artist’s career. One result is that in the past several decades, artists of every discipline have been trained with the primary expectation that they shall produce new and sometimes shocking objects; choreograph daring dance movements; compose provocative musical pieces or poems—and in many cases, skill has been moved to the margins or completely off-stage. But in recent decades the centrality of novelty and the demand for an art centred primarily on ideas and issues has lessened a bit—a pendulum swing away from experimentalism.


This is one piece from Herman's touring exhibit, Presence/Absence, concerning themes of a sense of place, "geologic time," and the environment and creation care. Several stops on the tour are collaborative with local land trusts and other charitable organizations, to...


From the series Woman, a cycle of paintings about the stages of life for a woman—and a metaphoric evocation of the body/Bride of Christ.