Calvin Seerveld

Calvin G. Seerveld is Professor Emeritus in Philosophical Aesthetics at the Institute for Christian Studies in Toronto, and the author of several influential books, including Rainbows for the Fallen World.

The Commons: Remembrance That Limps

Remembering and forgiving with our crooked human hearts.


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The Pros of Christian Organizations

Christian organizing isn’t about frenetic imperialism—it’s a passion to bring Christ’s easy yoke to all facets of society, freeing us from captivities.

The Theatre of God

We civilized Christians have got to catch the living vision of Psalm 104 again. We believers have to hear this Word of God reform our perception, let it be born again as it were, to wide eyed, childlike astonishment at the marvelous, mystifying handiwork of the Lord all around us if we are really serious about responding to his revelation aright.

Footprints in the Snow

“Men and women resist believing that they follow beaten paths. But they really become insufferably proud when they look around and think they leave no tracks.”

Making the most of college: philosophy as schooled memory

Western culture runs itself by the notion that something is only good if it can “do” something—that people are to be valued on the basis of what they can do or produce. Calvin Seerveld attacks the understanding of philosophy as a “tool” with an “instrumental” value. He suggests, instead, that philosophy precedes and grounds human—including students’—thinking and talking and writing. Seerveld describes neocalvinist philosophy in these terms.

Jubilee on the Job

To my surprise I found out that to celebrate a jubilee can be dangerous as well as exciting, if you take it seriously. For Queen Elizabeth II to reign for 50 years and go on tour in Canada, and for CBC Television to tout up 50 years of programming and hold an...

Chardin’s Kitchens

A more expansive version of this article appeared in Rainbows for the Fallen World (Toronto: Tuppence Press, 1980). Eating good food in good company is an important human activity. As the bedroom is rather basic to a marriage, so the kitchen, I dare say, is...