Carol Bomer

G. Carol Bomer is a native of Alberta, Canada who lives in Asheville, NC with her writer husband. She has two grown children and two grand children. Carol received a B.A. in Secondary Education in English and History, and after teaching for six years, she worked toward a Fine Arts degree in Iowa, Kansas, and North Carolina.

Carol Bomer, who has worked professionally as a painter since 1976, has had over 40 solo shows in the United States, as well as internationally in the Ukraine, Canada, and the Netherlands. She works in a diversity of mediums, including works in watercolor, pastel, acrylic, and oil, as well as three-dimensional mixed media sculpture and installations. In her work, she seeks to evoke both image and impression, the tangible world and the spiritual world. Much of Carol’s work is abstracted and gestural, and an Asheville Times review called “a silent form of poetry.” She is equally at home with representational art, fulfilling many portrait and landscape commissions, but technique is always servant to expression.

God’s Word is Carol’s source of ideas and inspiration. She prays that her work will bring glory to God and show truth and love to man. She views her art as “a form of play rejoicing before the face of God” (Rookmaaker). Carol signs her work SOLI DEO GLORIA—to God alone be the glory, which is also the name of her Asheville studio.

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