Casey Downing

Casey Downing was born and raised in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He studied writing at Colorado State University and the National University of Ireland in Galway. After graduation, he bounced around until he landed in Argentina, writing articles and teaching at a private school. In 2008 Casey moved to New York to work as North American Director of World Youth Alliance, a human rights advocacy organization and NGO consultant to the Economic and Social Council at the United Nations. Casey has given lectures on human rights issues at the University of Scranton, Fordham University, Fairfield University and Rutgers University among others. He has also been a staff writer for Curator Magazine since early 2009, and writes bi-monthly articles on cultural and political topics. Casey has also been known to write short fiction, essays, and the occasional poem.

Casey currently lives in Bangalore, India, where he works for an NGO to rescue victims of modern-day slavery, and partners with the Indian government to build the capacity of the Indian judicial system to fight human trafficking and prosecute criminals. He will return to the United States in September 2011 to begin his graduate studies.

Impressions from an Emergent India

Present-day India is full of contradictions and anomalies, but as its global profile rises, the face of the country will change.


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