Clinton Stockwell

Clinton Stockwell is Executive Director of the
Chicago Semester

, an off-campus program challenging students to integrate their living, learning and working in major cities. Stockwell teaches one of the core seminars, The Metropolitan Seminaran introduction to the city. In this seminar, the built environment is emphasized along with the importance of the public arts and how the city developed over time.

His academic preparation includes graduate study in history (PhD), theology (PhD), and urban planning and public policy (MUPP). He is an amateur guitar player and is a frequent participant at Chicago’s Old Town School of Folk Music. He hopes to transform a hilly backyard into a garden in his Galena, Illinois home, if the ice and snow eventually melt sometime this year.

Public arts in the city: with reference to Chicago

The future of the world is an urban one, according to the Bible. What follows are ten theses that argue for the artistic significance of cities.


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