Erna Buber-devilliers

Erna Buber-deVilliers née Schutte retired from 30 years of teaching Art (and English, Afrikaans, French, Career Guidance, Religious Studies, Home Ec and Long Jump . . . and whatever else was required) early in 2004, and has been happily puttering at this and that ever since. Her current passion is genealogy, and she is particularly proud of having discovered, so far, three slave ancestors, who contributed their genes to her Afrikaner ancestry. Family legend has it that she is related by first marriage to theologian-philosopher Martin Buber, but no evidence has yet been found. She is married to artist Zak Benjamin, has two daughters, two granddaughters and a grandson due in June 2010.

Long, lonely, difficult obedience to the King

A chance friendship spawned South Africa's Christian Worldview Network, decades of parallel journeys in artmaking, and, finally, a joint exhibition.


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