Esther Meek

Esther L. Meek is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Geneva College. This year she received the College’s Excellence in Scholarship award. Her 2003 Longing to Know: The Philosophy of Knowledge for Ordinary People (Brazos) is a book for people considering Christianity who have questions about how we know anything at all. Her 2011 Loving to Know: Introducing Covenant Epistemology (Cascade) proposes the interpersonal covenantal relationship as the paradigm for all human knowing. She has authored several articles and also gives talks, on subjects ranging from professional to popular, philosophy to Christian life. She serves on the board of the Polanyi Society. Visit her website,

Esther lives in Aliquippa, in Western Pennsylvania, since relocating eight years ago from St. Louis. In eager anticipation of the spiritual and structural restoration of this post-industrial town and its people, she supports Aliquippa’s Uncommongrounds Café (, and she serves on the board of Aliquippa Impact Ministries ( She has three daughters, Starr, Anastasia, and Stephanie, and two sons-in-law, Evan and Garrett.

Reading the Bible . . . and Longing to Know

The Bible is a doorway to a person, an invitation waiting to be sent. When we read it obediently and expectantly, like an actor, we find gracious and surprising self-disclosure.


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