Gideon Strauss

Gideon Strauss was the editor of Comment from 2000 to 2010.

Our Further-Off Neighbours

On moral education and farming small.


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Join the Party!

Even if you are already doing everything right, you should take your desire for justice one important step further . . .

The Art of Passing on Wonts

The true measure of our legacy is the depth of our gratitude, not the shimmer of our moral and technical excellence.

Editorial: Barefoot Scholarship

I have my students read Calvin Seerveld, and I make them take off their shoes in class because, really: when we study God’s world—the tiny creatures under our microscopes, the vast galaxies within which our sun and planet whirl, the ways of men and women selling and buying in markets, the making of love and war and law and sausages—we are in the very presence of God.

Love will build this city

Caritas in Veritate and the call to culture making. Includes the 2009 joint statement “Doing the truth in love,” presented by the Center for Public Justice, Cardus and the Kirby Laing Institute for Christian Ethics.

Editorial: Story

It is true, and it has consequences.

Editorial: A benediction

As my colleagues and I put together this fourth annual Making the Most of College issue of Comment, I was vividly aware that we are addressing it, for the first time, also to my own children, and their friends. And so I dedicate this issue to them, and begin it with a prayer for blessing over students in 2009-2010.