Graham Scharf

Graham Scharf is a father, the husband of a developmental pediatrician, and the author of The Apprenticeship of Being Human: Why Early Childhood Parenting Matters to Everyone. He has worked in team development, taught early elementary grades as a NYC Teaching Fellow, co-founded, and is full-time dad to his 8- and 3-year-old daughters.

Renewing Social Architecture by Building Bridges

A community in which diverse organizations share a common agenda, continually communicate, share data, and employ shared measurement systems is extraordinarily rare. In fact, I've never seen Believe2Become accomplished elsewhere.


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From what stance can we call others to virtue if our vision of virtue is based on our own self-chosen Story? When someone asks, “Why should I listen to you?” or, in the language of a two-year-old, “Who made you the boss of me?” what can we say?

Liturgies of Life

The vocation of parenting in early childhood is crucially important, both mentally and spiritually. Here are the three keys to healthy child-rearing.

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The importance of… networking. The two most crucial questions for Christians in the public square: “Who should I know?” and “How can I help you?”

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After three years in the classroom, I knew that the heroic efforts of hard-working teachers would be, at best, a Band-Aid. Enter Tumblon: the only web 2.0 service bridging the gap between parents and schools.