Jason Bouwman

Jason Bouwman is owner and principle creative of Compass Creative Studio. He is also a painter, illustrator, designer, and sometimes photographer.

Choose your heroes carefully

Is business the only game in life worth winning?


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Light unto my path

One day I found myself on a quiet side street in an industrial park in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge. I was lost. My feet ached from walking. I was cold and wet from rain and snow and feeling more than a little out of place. My growing anxiety was placated only by...


Camera: Nikon D70/s. 2006In this image I'm exploring the idea of tenacity. I was struck by the sight of this leaf as I crossed the parking lot on a cold wintry day. The leaf hangs on after all the others have fallen to the ground. In the resulting collage I question...

Thank You For Smoking

In this informal portrait, Pierre Bourreau—the designer responsible for the layout of the print edition of Comment magazine—strikes a satirical pose in a quasi-self-deprecating caricature of himself. It's not easy to be a smoker these days—kicked outside in subzero...