Jelma Louw

Jelma Louw (nee Gorter) was born in The Netherlands, and moved to Canada with her family in 1990. She now lives in Hamilton, Ont. where she attends Redeemer University. She has just completed her Bachelor of Arts, with a major in Art and a minor in psychology. Now she is completing her 5th year there with hopes to attain her Bachelor of Education.

Says Jelma, “Although I believe that teaching is my calling, I have a passion for pop culture and photography, and I would like to pursue those areas as well.”

Pop and Chips


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Pop and Chips

This is a digital piece that I did for a senior art class. It is inspired by two of Andy Warhol's pieces (Marilyn Monroe and Campbell's Soup), and by Halloween candy. A friend of mine brought extra Halloween candy to class one day to share, and I ended up picking a...