Jen Grabarczyk

Born and raised near Toledo, Ohio (1982), Jen Grabarczyk relocated to Seattle, Washington (2005) to pursue interdisciplinary work in the fields of counseling psychology, theology, and creativity at Mars Hill Graduate School (’09). She continued her art practice alongside of her pastorally/artistically-focused studies at MHGS, and now returns to the studio to continue working with themes of transition, dislocation, grief, and memory—next to cleaning houses and co-laboring in the birth of a new Episcopal church community in South Seattle.

More of Jen’s work can be viewed here:

By What Blessedness Do I Weep?

Acrylic and charcoal on two canvases 24" x 36" August 2008This painting was created during an artist residency (called By/For) in Vancouver, BC last year. The process of creating this painting coincided with my entering into a process of grieving what—at the time—was...