Jenni Simmons

Jenni Simmons is the editor of the Art House America Blog, assistant editor and staff writer for The Curator, and a freelance writer of eclectic subject matter. She works in an upstairs room of her own while her drummer-husband, Johnny, teaches in their renovated garage studio. They enjoy practicing the art of hospitality in their suburban home, watching films and TV together, and taking long walks around the ‘hood. They attend Church of the Holy Trinity in the historic Woodland Heights of Houston, in close proximity to Antidote Coffee and Kaboom Books, which Jenni tries to incorporate before or after worship every Sunday.

Likewise, Jenni is a bit fanatic about such things as coffee, tea, wine, dark chocolate, Indian food, Leif Enger, Marilynne Robinson, Wendell Berry, Buddy & Julie Miller, Johnny Cash, Radiohead, the Menil, independent films, Caprica, and reading in bed (to name only a few).

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