Jeremy Clive Huggins

Jeremy Clive Huggins has a wife (Rachel), a son (Hiro), and a station wagon (Marcy). He likes movies, literary nonfiction, interior design, salvaging, and wordplay, but, to pay the bills, he teaches. He has adopted, as literary models, John McPhee, Thomas Lynch, and Walter Wangerin. He believes that Memphis is the BBQ capital of the world. Three of his heroes: Wade Bradshaw, Margie Haack, Will Shortz.

Filling life with only nice people

Robots want, but don't demand, to be loved by you.


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The child responds gleefully

I’m not sure what’s gotten into me. I like the music of Glee, and I don’t know why.

Hero Worship

I forget the number of times I’ve read and heard people—from adolescent misfits to suburban housewives to Reformed pastors—describe listening to Sigur Rós as a religious experience or as worshipful.

My halfway house

Here is my confession: I’ve found a “pop” artist who bridges my elitist preferences with the rest of the culture to which I belong.

Terrified by classical music, until…

The band Balmorhea (pronounced bal-more-ay, named after a town of 500 in southwest Texas) has been, for me, an emotionally corrective musical experience.

DIY homesick blues: The music of Ben Cooper

Radical Face epitomizes for me what’s good about so much small- (or no-) label music right now: the appropriation of non-traditional instrumentation, layering, thickness, the use of technology to embolden a DIY aesthetic, the redemption of “found” sounds.

Kelley McRae: speaking truly

Kelley McRae, like me and you and everyone I know, makes a daily commute through joy, despair, gratitude, doubt, hope, fear, shame, and the rest.