John Hiemstra

Dr. John Hiemstra is Professor of Political Studies in the “Politics, History, and Economics” (PHE) 4-year program at The King’s University College, Edmonton. He has taught there since 1991. He completed a Ph.D. in public policy and political philosophy at the University of Calgary and a M.Phil. in political theory at the Institute for Christian Studies, Toronto.

John’s research and publishing range broadly from public policies that tackle deep plurality, to conducting a philosophical-theological analysis of the Canadian oil sands developments.

John has served on various boards, committees, and commissions, such as the “Social Action Commission” (Evangelical Fellowship of Canada), the North American consultation on ‘Poverty, Wealth, and Ecology’ (World Council of Churches), the national board of Citizens for Public Justice, and the board of the International Association for the Promotion of Christian Higher Education (IAPCHE).

John loves hiking in the Rocky Mountains and especially biking in the North Saskatchewan River Valley, even if it means occasional hospital visits and surgery.
John is married to Shirley Middag and they have three grown children.

The Masterful Illusion of “Ethical Oil”

Is the "ethical oil" approach a healthy way of tackling the oil sands—and should Christians feel comfortable using this approach?


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