Larycia Hawkins

Larycia Hawkins is general faculty in the departments of politics and religious studies at the University of Virginia. She is also a co-convener of the Religion and Its Publics Project of the Henry Luce Foundation; is affiliated faculty with the Project on Lived Theology; and is a Faculty Fellow on the Race, Faith, and Culture Project at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture. Larycia is the subject of an award-winning documentary, Same Godproduced by Midgett Productions in 2020. The film has been televised nationally on PBS and screened at film festivals around the world.

Dear America


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Dear America

Dear America, You have a memory and history problem. As a political science professor, I am privy to the background and the foreground of the cultural moment as I live vicariously through the lives of my students—active consumers and budding culture makers that they...