Lisa Johnston

Photojournalist Lisa A. Johnston exercises her creativity by exploring spiritual concepts through photographic montage imagery.

Lisa has run aeternus photography gallery on the Internet since 1996, when there were only a handful of sites showing photographs on the World Wide Web. Her images are contained upon film, a collection which extends from black and white 35mm to medium and large format pinhole works. These days images are collected digitally and include a modified flatbed scanner as a camera.

Imagery from the artist has been reproduced in books, magazines and traveled in international exhibits. Lisa holds a Bachelors of Science in Photojournalism from Syracuse University and resides in St. Louis, Missouri with her husband and two children. They are parishioners of the Cathedral Basilica.

aeternae caritatis | everlasting charity

Giclée print on Arches Cold Press 34" x 34" 2010Our immortal souls travel through an earthly life journey thoughtlessly trampling past precious visions of our Creator's designs of perfection. Day after day our senses become dulled by repetition instead of them being...

Vas Spirituale

Saint Teresa of Avila was traveling through Spain as she paused for a small break along a rocky road. As she sat beneath a tree she gazed upon some weedy flowers growing along the path. Seeing these flowers, her soul immediately sensed God's almighty perfection in His...