Mark Cameron

Mark Cameron is the Director of Policy for Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Prior to that, he was the Ottawa director of the High Park Group, a Toronto and Ottawa-based public policy consulting firm.

Christians and Political Responsibility

2004's federal elections in both Canada and the United States confronted voters with an unusual number of difficult moral questions.


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The Meaning of Conservatism

Canada’s conservative parties have been faction ridden over the past few years, with democratic populists from Preston Manning’s Reform, economic nationalists led by David Orchard, social conservatives allied with Stockwell Day, Red Tories in the mould of Joe Clark, and tax and budget cutters associated with the Harris and Klein governments all claiming to be the true heirs of the conservative patrimony.

Wilhelm Roepke and the Original “Third Way”

Austrian economists Friedrich Hayek and Ludwig von Mises are often credited as the spiritual godfathers of the Reagan-Thatcher revolution and the subsequent revival of free market economics. Their German-Swiss contemporary, Wilhelm Roepke, is far less known today. Yet...