Mende Noffsinger

Mende Noffsinger began studying art as a child and has been involved in the artistic community in Memphis, Tennessee as a creator and educator since. She was the first graduate from Crichton College to receive a minor in Fine arts as part of her liberal Studies degree, at a time when the college didn’t offer this option to their students. She studied art and education at L’Abri in Greatham, Hants England. She also apprenticed at an Atelier with Kate Manzo, a Master Realist at The Contemporary Realist Academy.

Mende’s work has been shown in various settings around the country, with commissioned pieces in private collections internationally. Her current work is exploring the use of the icon and sacred objects juxtaposed with materials that are essentially discarded trash; found objects and old toys. The icons are puppets or doll like structures and are made to communicate the sacredness of the everyday hero.

Mende teaches classical art education at Westminster Academy in Memphis, where she lives with her husband Joey and their great Pyrenees Taj Mahal.

Atta Jabber’s green hands

Mixed media 2009This piece was created as part of a larger show which debuted in February 2009 in a response to the study of Christ's parables over the previous 6 months. The show, titled Parabolic, was hosted by Lifelink Memphis in Gallery 210. In looking at the...