Natalie Settles

Natalie Settles is a native of Minneapolis, Minnesota, US. Exhibited nationally and internationally, she has been showing her work since 1999. Settles earned her BA in Fine Art at Northwestern College in St. Paul, MN, in 2000, and continued her studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison earning a Master of Fine Arts degree in 2003. After graduating, Settles’ curiosity about natural history prompted her to explore the realm of museums; she was awarded an internship as model-maker for the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC making objects for the National Museums of the American Indian, American History and Natural History. She returned to full-time studio work in 2004 continuing her nature-based works. In 2005 she was an Artist-in-Residence at Fellesverkstedet Myren G?rd in Kristiansand, Norway. She spent the first half of 2007 making new drawings based on decorative and scientific patterns while living in Cambridge, England and traveling abroad. In 2008 Settles was awarded the Wisconsin Arts Board Artists Fellowship for her new works exploring pattern in art and science.



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This piece, entitled Embed (2008), is part of my current work in the Natural Motif Series. The works employ detailed specimen drawings of dead plant matter such as husks and twigs along with snippets of decorative plant-based patterns from Victorian era wallpapers and...