Nolan Lee

Nolan Lee is passionate about creating art with a purpose. For as long as he can remember, Lee has produced artwork which reflects God and God’s heart for justice and redemption. He has a strong desire to inspire those who view his art and to raise a sense of awareness on the subject(s) it interprets. Nolan’s artwork has been featured in many exhibitions and shows including the Learn, Promote, Defend international art show in Atlanta, GA, where one of Lee’s pieces was chosen as the promotional material.

In 2008 the company, Case Logic, launched a ‘Nolan Lee Artist Series Bag Line,’ featuring tips from artist, Nolan Lee. And over the course of four years, Lee has taken an interest in creating live art for a variety of national conferences including the second largest convention in the nation, CES, in Las Vegas, NV. Currently, Lee resides in sunny Woodside, California along with his wife Brooke. He continues to explore new ways of spreading God’s truth and healing into the lives of those suffering and oppressed.

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Strange Fruit


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