Phillip Jensen

Phillip Jensen grew up in rural Iowa. He and his family returned there in 2010 to follow their particular calling of farming and ministry. They grow several acres of vegetables for the CSA that they started, and have a herd of Red Wattle hogs, a flock of hens, and a milk cow. In connection with The Earthen Institute, a ministry was started alongside the farm that has sought to care for marginalized folks and families in transition. Summer 2014 will inaugurate the launch of a new ministry on the farm: The Earthen Institute’s Prairie Apprenticeship Program ( for more info). Jensen is on the leadership board at the Arthur Evangelical Free Church and is one of the organizers for the annual Iowa L’Abri Conference. He attended Taylor University, Iowa State University, and is a graduate of Covenant Theological Seminary.

Voices from the Fields

We asked practitioners to reflect on the work of their hands.


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