Rosie Perera

Rosie Perera is a writer, teacher/tutor, photographer, lay preacher, and all-round computer geek. After graduating from college, she worked as a software engineer for Microsoft for eleven years, where she was part of the team that created Word. She then pursued a Master of Christian Studies from Regent College in Vancouver. During this time she also developed her skills and lifelong love of photography, through courses at Focal Point photography school. Now she combines all of these into a unique multi-threaded vocation. Her passion and research interests involve the interrelationships between faith, technology and the arts.

She writes a blog on Faith and Technology, and co-writes one on faith and the arts called Iambic Admonit. She writes a column for Comment, and has had articles published in Ethix, Direction Journal, and the Encyclopedia of Christian Literature. She has taught workshops on theology, spirituality, and Biblical studies through the Pacific Association for Theological Studies and the BC Leadership Development Network, and she is a conference and retreat speaker on faith & technology. She also does computer tutoring and tech support on a voluntary basis.

Her travels all over the world, and the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, have provided much of the inspiration for her photography. Her work focuses mostly on nature and wildlife, humour, abstracts, macro, and portraiture. She does her photography for the joy of it and to be a blessing to others. She aims to create art which brings a sense of rest for the weary, motivates an appreciation for the wonder of creation, causes the viewer to take notice of something easily overlooked, and occasionally provides a chuckle to lift the spirits. She has exhibited in the Lookout Gallery at Regent College and the chapel of the Menno Simons Centre. In addition to her own creative work, she also does private tutoring.

She is very involved in leadership (preaching and worship leading) at her lay-run church, Point Grey Inter-Mennonite Fellowship, in Vancouver. She loves cooking, reading, films, and classical music. She is the proud aunt of the world’s most adorable and smart nephew.

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