Shannon Newby

Shannon Newby is an artist working with beeswax in a process called encaustic painting. She, along with her husband Erik, will be heading to Germany in 2011 to work in full time arts ministry. Shannon graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art and Education from Taylor University, and is currently pursuing a Masters degree at Regent College in Vancouver, British Columbia. Her work can be found in public and private collections in 21 US states, Canada, Australia, Germany and Italy.

By Its Cover (No. 1)


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By Its Cover (No. 1)

Encaustic, book cover, pages 2009Encaustics, or working with beeswax, has actually been around for thousands of years. From what we know, people were using beeswax for art purposes as early on as 50 A.D. But only since the late 1960s did encaustic painting become more...