Squire Broel

Squire Broel is an artist creating a language of hopefulness and beauty amidst our frenetic, culturally-driven reality in materials as diverse as canvas, wood, bronze, fabric, and glass. Broel works in series and repetition to delve into the subjects and themes of his art; ever-working to distill the spirit of the thing.

Broel’s work is in numerous private and public collections throughout the US and he has participated in solo and group exhibitions throughout the Pacific Northwest, Canada, Austria, Vietnam, China and Indonesia.

While his work is exhibited internationally, Broel lives and works in Walla Walla, Washington. His current work continues in a variety of dimensions to explore the derivations of his abstract floral paintings. Moving between works of large-scale and diminutive stature celebrates the inherent physicality of the creative process itself, and how changes in process build and affect meaning.



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Acrylic, kozo paper, contè crayon, and enamel on canvas 48" x 36" 2006-2007This painting was created over a period of a few months, and during that time it went through a myriad of changes. Initially, the floral forms in the painting looked much more naturalistic...