Susan Den Herder

Susan has worked with high school students for a number of years as a volunteer, as a High School Coordinator at The Falls Church and as an adjunct teacher at Trinity Christian School. She has also been involved in the College Transition Initiative through the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding.

Susan and her husband, Nate, live in McLean, Virginia with their son, William. While Susan spends most of her time these days caring for young Will she still enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with young people as they navigate life and faith. She also hopes to turn her love of paper and design into a letterpress stationery business in the coming year.

Culturally unpopular, personally difficult, critically important: Mentorship

All of us can glow from being Time's 2006 "Person of the Year." We can watch ourselves and examine ourselves on YouTube and MySpace. But if we listen to our culture saying "Welcome to your world," we're going to find egoism replacing hopefulness.


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