Tamara Warner

Born and raised in Manitoba, Canada, Tamara Warner has had a passion for visual arts since she was a young girl. Being surrounded by such beauty as expressed in the four extreme seasons of Manitoba, a great love for light, color, and movement was born within her.

Tamara writes, “I started sketching at a young age, and found it brought me great peace. I continued developing my skill through high school. I knew I was meant to be an artist, but being told I could not do it for a living, I began pursuing other things. Ten years later, I discovered the joy of painting and found it connected me to the Lord like nothing else can. I realized that the Lord created me to be an artist, and once again pursued this great passion in my life. Over the last several years I’ve also been studying photography and graphic design, continually striving to improve myself. I currently live in South Carolina, USA, with my most wonderful husband Steve, and my goofy cat Jax.”

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Between Heaven and Earth


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Between Heaven and Earth

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