Willem Hart

Willem Hart, A.O.C.A., is an eclectic artist/designer. A graduate of the Ontario College of Art (1959) he has made his living as an editor and corporate designer. In the meantime he has also indulged his passion for fine, and liturgical art. In the late 60s he was part of a group which founded the Institute for Christian Art in Worth (Chicago), Illinois. In the early 70s the Institute moved to Toronto as Patmos Workshop & Gallery which gave opportunity to young Christian artists to learn from highly gifted Dutch artist Henk Krijger. Willem acted as Chair of the Board and general spark plug.

Willem’s liturgical work includes numerous banners, liturgical garments, silverware, and jewelry. He is currently engaged in the design of altar frontals for a West Toronto Anglican Church. He says, “Nothing is more intimidating to an artist than a blank sheet of paper, canvass, or computer screen. But the rewards for the successful and respectful use of that blank space are enormous.”

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