Jeanette Paulson

Jeanette Paulson has been creating one-of-a-kind banners and altar hangings for churches for 26 years. “My BA degree is in music, which I believe informs my art. Worship involves the five senses. The in which we live and worship is of great importance. If we do not clothe our sanctuaries with the best art we can offer, our praises to God the Creator may fall flat.

“Taking the traditional symbols used in The Church for centuries, I reinterpret them with my own vision. Textiles are impermanent and this is a blessing. Thus our faith can and must be represented anew for each generation. I am an active member of my Lutheran Church, sit on its Board of Church in society, play in the bell choir, and often solo on my oboe.

“Other activities which inform my life are gardening and reading fiction.”

Cloverdale Banner


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Cloverdale Banner

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