Jenn Romaniszak

A mixed media, mixed discipline artist, Jenn Romaniszak’s work strives at once to be a memorial to the mundane and a resurrection of old ideas. Caring little for innovation, but with a reverence and nostalgia for “the past”, Romaniszak re-presents familiar objects, ideas, and processes in new ways to make the audience see the importance and distinction she does. In a subtle-way, the work is an attempt to “reverse engineer” an exchange, to recreate the artist’s personal experience with an object in a way understated enough to potentially lead the audience in a completely different direction based on their own experiences. The result of a piece’s “work” on the viewer is inessential, but that it did some “work” at all, is vitally important. Romaniszak creates as if a piece’s ability to draw something from the viewer gives the work inherent value. It is an approach dependent on the honesty and genuine emotional investment of the artist in works and their materials and processes. Not a sentimental manipulation, but a quiet and frantic plea to remember something small, to see a detail.

Romaniszak received a BA in Art from Trinity Christian College (Palos Heights, IL) in 2007 and a post baccalaureate certificate with a concentration in Public Art from The New York Center for Art and Media Studies (New York, NY) in 2008. She continues to survive in Brooklyn and currently shows wherever she can.

Widows & Orphans: Workman’s Glove

Found glove, goldleaf, paint, photograph, wooded frames 2008Widows & Orphans: Workman's Glove is part of a series in which a found object is presented alongside documentation of its source. The two, image and object, are juxtaposed in two handcrafted and...