Rex Hausmann

Rex Hausmann was born in San Antonio, Texas where he began painting and drawing at the age two. Drawing on scraps of wood, found in his father’s workshop, Rex began to create and express his thoughts through pen and paint.

At age 11, he began training in classical methods of the arts. In high school and early college, Rex began to show his work and complete large scale commissions for churches and individual patrons.

In college, Rex began to work with his brother, Erik on The D’Antoni Project, an international collaboration of the arts that traveled throughout the US in 2005-2007.

Rex has worked on national projects in Georgia, Maine, Texas, New York and New Mexico as well as international projects as far as Mexico, Italy and Ireland. Rex has worked with organizations such as Points of Light (George H. W. Bush’s network for civic involvement) and The Hands On Network.

Recently graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a full scholarship, Rex has opened rexcontemporary, a contemporary Art Space located in Boerne Texas in the hope of happily sharing his love for contemporary art with those who will look and listen.



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