Vincent Bacote

​​Vincent Bacote (PhD, Drew University) is professor of theology and the director of the Center for Applied Christian Ethics at Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois.

In Search of a Truly Good News Faith

What will it take to renew evangelicalism?


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A Perennial Moment of Opportunity

Yes, we want faithful participation in art, business, politics, education, and every other sphere. But how do we arrive at a worldview? Intuition may get the conversation started, but biblical knowledge will win the day.

Surprised by the Spirit

How might an openness to the Spirit’s work in the entirety of the created order lead us to have eyes that look for surprising and unpredictable developments in cultural and political realms?

Letter to a Young Black Scholar

The scholarly life is not contrary to faithful discipleship. Indeed, in your case, it may be one of the most significant elements of a fully-devoted life as you steward the tremendous intellectual gifts God has given you.

The Poison Cup

What is it about the pursuit of ambition that can become poisonous when it meets admiration and recognition?

Dilemma and opportunity

Amidst expectations of racial and ethnic reconciliation, how hopeful should we be? How much understanding, harmony and cooperation can we expect to achieve?

Faux authenticity?

There are many, especially in the church, who have seen their heroes exposed as flawed, fakes, or failures. The traumatic result is that a vision for upward Christian life is shattered, replaced by the resolute determination to simply be real. You can even open the closet so others can see all the skeletons in their disarray. It beats pleading guilty to the charge of hypocrisy.

Racism: Does the struggle continue?

Can we seriously talk about fulfilling the cultural mandate if we sit around and allow the legacy of racism to be perpetuated, even in the church? Vincent Bacote is Assistant Professor of Theology at Wheaton College, and director of the Center for Applied Christian Ethics.

Reading the Bible . . . and listening for the Spirit

How can discerning readers of the Bible know that they are properly interpreting Biblical texts? With so many interpretative approaches out there, it’s important to be taught some of the common mistakes of private Scripture reading . . . and then to remember both the basic clarity of Scripture, and the Spirit’s work in helping understand divine things.