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Comment is not just a magazine, it’s a way of seeing, a sensibility. Life can be a grind and your digital palette all too saturated. But what if you could dip regularly into reservoirs of clarity, historicity, beauty and a touch of spunk? Our newsletters bring the coherence and the joy that just might turn your week around. Explore our varieties below and subscribe to whichever one fits your fancy.



Alan Jacobs

Snakes & Ladders from Alan Jacobs is weekly(ish) look at some of the ups and downs of art and culture. Presented in partnership with Laity Lodge.

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The Eye Chart and the King Actor

Mal Evans’s diaryWWhat’s been going on at Ye Olde Blogge? More Babylon Should academics be rewarded for generativity? Wendell Berry one and two A bunch of quotes — head over and see! Eskerrik asko for Euskara: “In retrospect, Franco’s attempt to destroy Euskara helped...

Silence, Minuets, Gold

AA pocket medicine chest, with the Rod of Asclepius on its cover; copied from an original found at Pompeii.I’m still blogging about Babylon, among other things.David Bordwell, in The Way Hollywood Tells It:Far from being a noisy free-for-all, moreover, the industry’s...

Physicists, Poets, and Other Stock Characters

II’ve just returned from a wonderfully restorative week at Laity Lodge, the kind sponsor of this newsletter and my home away from home. My tummy is full of Chef Ryan’s good food and my heart is full of love.An exhibition at the Cloisters: “This exhibition examines the...

I Am Inquisitive in the Lord

WWhat a gorgeous edition of Christopher Smart’s weirdly wonderful poem Jubilate Agno. One of my first published essays — an excerpt from my dissertation — was on Smart, one of the eighteenth century’s most prominent “mad poets.” Samuel Johnson loved Smart, as this...



Gregory Thompson

The Welcome Table with Gregory Thompson is a quarterly column devoted to exploring the practice of hospitality as it has surprised some of our society’s most profound moral fractures, opening the way for hard yet hearty journeys whose work continues to this day.

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