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Comment is not just a magazine, it’s a way of seeing, a sensibility. Life can be a grind and your digital palette all too saturated. But what if you could dip regularly into reservoirs of clarity, historicity, beauty and a touch of spunk? Our newsletters bring the coherence and the joy that just might turn your week around. Explore our varieties below and subscribe to whichever one fits your fancy.

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Comment Weekly is a weekly newsletter from our editorial team featuring fresh articles from Comment, curated reading and listening recommendations, and upcoming events.

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      Alan Jacobs

      Snakes & Ladders from Alan Jacobs is weekly(ish) look at some of the ups and downs of art and culture. Presented in partnership with Laity Lodge.

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      En Passant

      CClay mastiffs, found in the excavated ruins of a palace in Nineveh, were meant to protect the property from demons. They have cuneiform inscriptions on them, one of which reads ē tamtallik epuš pāka – or, “Don’t think, bite!” Who’s a good boy?No proper newsletter...

      The Comfort of Friends

      TThere have been many tributes to Tim Keller since his death last week; I could only add a few words. This from Russell Moore does much to capture the Tim I knew. And I love this from Tish Harrison Warren:In my early 20s, I attended an event where Tim Keller, an...

      Tree and Leaf

      Photographs of the American West by Wim Wenders.JJohn Muir, from “A Wind-Storm in the Forests” (1894):Toward midday, after a long, tingling scramble through copses of hazel and ceanothus, I gained the summit of the highest ridge in the neighborhood; and then it...

      Archbishop of Banterbury

      Melissa Cormican’s animal portraitsKKieran Healy, responding to the news that Great Britain will have a Free Speech Tsar:As an alternative to ‘Free Speech Tsar’, consider one or more of the following: The Duke of Discourse. Warden of All Chit-Chat. Equerry of...



      Gregory Thompson

      The Welcome Table with Gregory Thompson is a quarterly column devoted to exploring the practice of hospitality as it has surprised some of our society’s most profound moral fractures, opening the way for hard yet hearty journeys whose work continues to this day.

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